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The great deal - Market Econ Mug with Color Inside

The great deal - Market Econ Mug with Color Inside

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The great deal by humanism - celebrating the deal that saved the world. Part of the green deal by humanism.

The great deal represents that through the market and good regulations, they managed to combat climate change. The image represents two capitalists who agreed and together fought against climate change.

Made in the faith of a regulated market economy. Great products, with stiffer prices.

A regulated market economy recognizes that some level of government intervention is necessary to ensure fair competition, protect consumers, and mitigate negative externalities. The Green New Deal's call for regulations to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change aligns with this principle. By establishing clear guidelines and standards, we can create a level playing field that incentivizes businesses to embrace environmentally friendly practices, fostering innovation and economic growth.

The Green Deal represents a profound commitment to both the well-being of our planet and the future of humanity. As a humanist, I firmly believe in the inherent value and dignity of human life, and that includes taking responsibility for our actions and their impact on the environment.

- Ceramic 11oz mug

- Dishwasher and microwave safe

- Colored rim, inside, and handle

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